London to Paris Bike Ride


I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s already two years since I embarked upon and somehow finished a totalllyyyyy mellow (NAAAAT)  450km bike ride to Paris from London.  I think my butt has just about recovered, and with shots of the trip popping up on my Timehop, it brought back all the memories of sun-scorched quads, sweaty hill climbs, endless croissants, tears, tape, tools & toasts at the finish line at the Arc de Triomphe and a hobble home on the Euro Star.

I was pretty new to road riding at the time.  Sure. I had a bike, and yeah I thought because I was conditioned and otherwise fit it could be pretty easy, my prep including one 55 mile ride to Brighton and some cruising around London.  Needless to say riding 100 miles a day hit me like a ton of fricking bricks, and wasn’t quite the cruise I anticipated.  I found my rhythm though, found my pace, found a group at my level and together we sweated, toiled, laughed, cried, ate and drank our way to the capitol of love.  Sitting down in central Paris I remember thinking to myself 1) my legs, butt, hands, back, toes,  eyelashes etc were all hurting but 2) a love of hitting the road on my wheels was fast ignited.  Back in London the next day, recovery with a deep tissue massage (yowch) and zzz’s in bed, I remember planning my next ride, already excited at the thought of another 2 wheel adventure.  Fast forward to now and I am in love with the freedom my bike can give me, how close it is to the city to be able to open your lungs and heart and explore what is here. 

Cast your peepers over the edit made by the total dudes from Charge Bikes.