#MYFITKIT Interview With Women's Health

Last month the righteous sages over at Women's Health UK interviewed me for their #MYFITKIT feature - read below for the full piece.  Cheers guys!

This week we bring you another woman who puts a fashion spin on the fitness world, Sophie Everard.

When she’s not managing PR for Oakley, Sophie’s either teaching sweat inducing fitness classes or trading East London for the coast to catch her surf fix.

Want the inside track on how she blends her fit kit and street style with her surfer girl vibe? We’ve asked her to share just that with Women’s Health

What's your gym bag essential?

Rad tunes on my iPhone and a steady stream of peanut butter!

What's your favourite fitness class and why?

I love classes that combine fitness with strength boosting and toning mash-ups, so boxing or boxfit and kettlebells at Frame are up there.


What failsafe gym kit piece completes your outfit in an instant?

I am a BIG fan of butt-hugging leggings. I'll rock those badboys from office to classes to party and then home again! Roxy do rad ones.

What inspires you to workout?

I truly believe that staying fit is the most simple way of keeping yourself physically and mentally balanced, and ready for whatever life chucks your way. I'm inspired simply by how good it feels to be healthy and strong, and more capable of doing the sports that I love like surfing and cycling.

What's your favourite workout song?

I’m known to drop a lot of rock into my workouts and classes - it gets you so fired up! Walk by Pantera or Woman by Wolfmother are up there.

What item of clothing can transform your outfit from workout to work?

I normally wear just a neon sports bra in the gym, so to save blushes I pull a cool low-back tee over it when I’m done, and throw on a black leather biker jacket to head back to the office.

What's your favourite gym trend?

I think the surf girl in me is always partial to tie dye – it lets me bring some beach vibes to the city gyms!

What's your best fitness tip?

If you can find what truly gets you feeling stoked and excited to break a serious sweat, it’ll be easy to stick to.

What are your favourite trainers and why?

My little paws have taken a beating from years of heavy running, snowboarding and broken ankles in skateboarding, so I like more cushin' for the pushin' please! Nike Lunar Glide's are the bomb and I totally rely on them to support my tootsies.

Finish this sentence: ‘Fitness is my…’

Fitness is my… simple way to feel most happy, alive and charged.