I was super psyched to connect with Keen some time ago, a US-founded adventure shoe company, partnering up on a project that is very close to my heart.  Keen, like myself, has it’s roots firmly entrenched in a genuine love of the outdoors and living an active life, with a healthy dose of adventure and connection to nature.   I live my life, both professionally and personally, in the persuit and existence of the activities and lifestyle that I adore so much ,and I believe this  rewards me with me so much, both physically and mentally.

In the creation of the Terradora women's performance shoe, Keen have sought to bridge the gap between the gym and the mountain the backcountry ad the city, with an all-terrain versatile shoe that reflects it’s TrailFit philosophy, of not just training and workout out, but getting stoked being outside, just moving In the outdoors, and enjoying the connection to those moments. 

Tasked with creating three separate training programmes, CITY, PARK, and OUTDOOR for the launch of Terradora, plus hosting these events through London, inviting groups of women to participate and join in, we have just wrapped the final event in the beautiful Epping Forrest.  As with so much of my work, the greatest satisfaction I get from my work now is being able to encourage women to participate in activities and a lifestyle to make themselves feel awesome, and to get to meet so many incredible ladies doing this is the icing on the cake.  What incredible crews of women I met on these events; from the Park stop in breathtaking Hampstead Heath, to bouldering around Waterloo and Southbank with an all-time crew of adventurous chicks for City, and capping it off with a soul-stirring session in Epping Forrest.

I think these days, many women, myself of course included, have or do put ourselves under a lot of pressure to train like wild banshees: we’ve got to follow that fad, to do this type of workout, and feel guilt perhaps if we aren’t doing that, or are too busy, or heck, just too tired to fit in that session of class after a busy working day, or around family life.  TrailFit, and Terradora is about just getting out there and adventuring-that doesn’t have to be going hell for leather, you are in fact, training, working out, and reaping physical and psychological benefits, by heading out your door, hiking your local park, running up the steps to the top a local viewpoint.  And adventure is within your gasp, even if you are a city-dweller, something I really love to illustrate on my platforms-adventure is within your grasp, you just might have to open your eyes a little more.

Stay tuned for my next blog post which details the CITY, PARK, OUTDOOR workouts I created for Keen & Terradora, which you can follow anywhere, no gym equipment needed!

Check out the recap videos below of all 3 sessions.