Last week I was invited by the awesome folk at Nike to check out their new women's concept store on West London's Kings Road for a bespoke running shoe and bra fitting to kit me out ready for my upcoming trip to a central and South America, Australia and Bali. This adventure is gonna see me trekking ancient mountains, hiking Colombian hills, tearing up the Bolivian jungle, surfing (no kicks needed there though ;) )teaching beach fitness and running around like the hyperactive monkey I am so if there's one piece of kit in my arsenal that's got to stand the test, it's my fitness kicks.

My paws have taken a hell of a battering over the years from years of snowboarding, running, skating and jumpin' with ruptured tendons, snapped bones and busted ligaments part of the  coterie of injuries I've amassed (whoopsie). These little trotters need supportive casing, so I was super interested to head over to visit the crew at Nike to find out more about their trainer fitting service.


Feeling like the boss Arnie in Running Man, Sophie from Nike & I ran through my past injuries and I talked about the running shoes I normally use before she recommended 2 for me to try out whilst being filmed. Now this is where it gets techy, we reviewed my run, analysing the stride, any pronation and key angles.

I was stoked to hear my style is pretty light and linear without any dramatic pronations, which I used to have. And voila, I was diagnosed with a pair of LunarGlide's, a bespoke pair of running trainers for my style and needs.  I put my paws through a shit ton, and ain't keen for more sofa-bound recovery time off my feet any time soon, so I don't fuck about when it comes to running shoes. The service is bang on and pretty damn insightful, and armed with exactly what I need, I feel that much better that when I'm tearing it down a Peruvian mountain on a hike or a run through a Colombian canyon , my tootsies supported and stable, and ready for action. They also kindly measured me for a sports bra, the first time since I was a teenager I had my puppies measured (ha!) and I also discovered I'd been putting the girls in the totally wrong size. Whoops! 

Check out the short-fire video edit below, and thanks to the crew at Nike!  

Stay tuned for my next post...location: COSTA RICA.