The final chapter of bespoke winter training programme Shred Ready: Snow Fitness culminated with a bang this week at the Quiksilver and Roxy showroom in East London's Shoreditch.

Naturally, the conclusion to the ski & snowboard specific fitness session took on a festive hue what with ol' papa Claus making his appearance in a few weeks. With participants from previous sessions and new in attendance, a sweat-storm of a workout ensued, pushing everyone to  their limits with a mashup of power, strength, endurance and agility developing movements including one legged burpees (yowch), explosive tuck-360 jumps,  pairs work wheelbarrow squat and presses, and clap press ups.  

I'm super impressed with everyone who came along for the Shred Ready ride, and with the last 2 months having been dedicated to preparing and optimising our bodies for any ski or snowboard trips to the hill this winter, I can now send you all on your merry way to the mountains, just that bit more ready for a full day tearing up the slopes!

Once the snow melts...make sure you stay tuned...and here's an exclusive preview...comin' in hot for 2016...SHRED READY: SURF FITNESS!

Thanks again to everyone who came and thanks to gifting from our awesome friends at Roxy, Butta and Glaceau Water!  Cruise the gallery below for some of the highlights!