I recently spent a week with the Nomads Camp at the Action Academy in the breathtaking town of Morzine in the French Alps.  I was galvanised by this unique concept, finding so much professional and personal inspiration whilst housed in the stunning year-long snow and summer resort.  My interest was immediately piqued when I read through the concept for the Nomads Camp: a working retreat so to speak, where a group of burgeoning/budding entrepreneurs/digital nomads are brought together to spend time on workshops to help with our respective businesses, listen to talks from like-minded business owners, hot-desk from the outrageously beautiful mountains, and pepper our working day with the radical activities all of us craft our lives around.

From learning about growth hacking for my business to hearing how other former-city dwellers created their dream lives, living in the mountains whilst being able to work and be more productive than in the typical constraints of a classic 9-5, and enjoy the fruits of their labours by taking the afternoon to go for a ride in the mountains or wakeboard down the lake, I was massively inspired from my week in Morzine with an all-time crew of international digital nomads.

After a week of hiking mountains to watch the sun-rise at dawn over Mont Blanc, swimming in the crystal waters of Lake Montriond, tearing the downhill mountain bike trails apart, dancing hot-tub side and learning so much practical advice for my work, I sat down with the Action Academy crew to be interviewed (the tables turn on me ;) ).



Talking through my working and personal life trajectory, check the video below for a natter with the gang.

With Thanks to the righteous Mickey and Doug

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