Mental Health Week: An Interview With i-D Magazine

This week as many of you know is Mental Health Week, and it has been incredible to see such a huge national conversation stimulated through charities such as MIND, Heads Together, and by influential media outlets.

i-D Magazine, forever in my eyes the ultimate harbinger of what is cool, current, and highly influential, are one such outlet who have joined in the conversation this week.  I think it's incredibley important that titles like i-D are promoting discussion around mental health, and addressing issues like depression in an honest and open way.  All week on their website they are sharing voices from the fashion industry and beyond, discussing their thoughts, feelings and experience of suffering from mental health issues.

I spoke to i-D about my own experience around depression, which I recently touched upon in a recent blog post, WHY I,  and how we can erode the stigmas around discussing mental health through conversation and providing support networks, and showing that there is normalcy in this every-day topic.

Charities like Heads Together, MIND and Calm, and other experts are doing amazing work to change the conversation on mental health and wellbeing, providing support networks, and to show that there is normalcy in this every-day topic.  I also give tips for mental wellbeing, and how I think that leaps and bounds are being made in attitudes towards mental health.

Read the full interview below.

With thanks to i-D and Tish