The soundtrack to the Shred Ready: Surf Fitness class, the ultimate summer surf playlist

This week the all-new season of Shred Ready: Surf Fitness launched in the heart of East London, Brick Lane.  A surf-hungry crew of attendees were put through their paces, focussing on the key dynamics of the class. Working through targeted movements to boost fitness and conditioning, to paddle stronger and gain better mobility and balance, we broke down everything from the pop-up to the cutback, working on training our bodies to better execute these moves.   

Most rabid fitness fiends can often be spotted with earplugs firmly embedded in their ear drums - music can be key to boosting a workout.  Whatever your tunes of choice are, they can drive you on that extra bit harder.  I LOVE music, and love to carefully pair music to sessions I teach, taking participants on a journey, and to my own workouts.

Selected to accompany the Shred Ready: Surf Fitness class, I wanted to share the killer soundtrack I specially curated.  Featuring some all-time classics from some of your favourite surf movies and bands including the likes of Black Sabbath, Sublime and The Beach Boys, check out the playlist below and plug in to get that summer stoke going!