Some months ago an impromptu meeting was called, drawing together an altogether awesome assortment of many of the women I have been fortunate to work, shred, play or collaborate with since I have been riding and working within the action sports/sports world some 10 years. 

Lead instigator, the irrepressible Hannah Bailey, a supremely brilliant soul who has amongst other ventures in her time worked for Roxy, is the PR Manager for DC, founder of her own PR business Neon Stash, and tireless lover and champion and of creative discovery and women's action sports. 

A motley crue of talent including photographer Liz Seabrook, pro skaters Helena Long and Lois Pendlebury, Factory Media alumna and industry vet Lauren Lidford, and other wise, experienced, and adventurous chicks like Emily Ackner, Rachel Welford, Jess Dowse, Eloise Dorr, and Amy Campbell-Cook delved into thoughts around what we would want from an all-new creative outlet, a new women's magazine rooted in action sports and creativity, and the adventures encompassing. 

With a resounding conviction in wanting to create something with substance, an outlet for meaningful adventure and our collective creative visions, The Free Life was born.   As we are busy excitedly pulling together our inaugural issue one, collating images and tales and preparing to print, y'all stay tuned, because The Free Life is coming in hot.

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