Welcome to Mad To Live


Welcome to Mad to Live, a blog by fitness instructor & freelance writer, travel-mad free-surfer and all-round life-lover Sophie Everard.

Mad To Live is a blog about living breathlessly through seeking everyday adventure.

With an international upbringing rooted in my inherited passion and thirst for travel and all that's the outdoors & ocean (thanks mum and dad), I can be currently found in the busy metropolis that is East London, but have lived in Greece, Portugal, the sandy shores of Southern France, the Alps & Paris.

Mad To Live is a hub and blog for all my creative, fitness, adventure-chasing ventures & brand collaborations. My love of fitness, sport and generally stoking my brains out whether it’s on wheels, boards, snow, water or dirt can be charted since before I can remember. I've always been one for living breathlessly and bursting with energy, from living in the French Alps snowboarding, traveling solo to central America in search of waves, monkeys and margaritas , riding my wheels over 300 miles to Paris, or more simply scrabbling and running around the outdoors exploring.

Having qualified as a fitness trainer, I can now channel my insatiable thirst for the awesomeness of how good it feels to be fit, happy and healthy into others. I am a REPS registered fitness instructor who teaches high energy fitness at Shoreditch's raddest fitness emporium Move Your Frame and am available for 1-1 sessions.

My love of writing and the creativity associated with it has seen me contribute to international titles including Cooler & Surf Girl, and I have a published book on snowboarding (Snowboarding: skills, training & Techniques) through Crowood Press, written as I was recovering from a bust-up with my skateboard nursing a couple of broken bones.

I am stoked to have been featured & worked with righteous titles and brands including Women's Health, Get the Gloss, Plenish Cleanse, Glamour Magazine, Pendleton Bikes, Dolfie Shoes & more.

Enjoy the blog, fresh content, fitness videos & more droppin' every week!

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