Welcome back to feel-good beauty on the Mad To Live Blog.  Next-up, we have a segment on multi-purpose products that are awesome for busy women on the move.  I spend most of my time living out of suitcases and backpacks now, on the move travelling with my retreats, Mad To Live Retreats, and as a travel writer. and freelancer.  I pack light, always - hand luggage nearly 100% of the time so in terms of beauty products, the few products that I do like to use and pack need to have multi-purpose attributes. 



GARNIER SKIN ACTIVE PURE ACTIVE CHARCOAL 3-1 WASH, SCRUB MASK A bang for your buck 3-1, I am obsessed with this, especially as a mask.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY OVERNIGHT BRONZE & GLOW Super hydrating and soothing, go to bed with this baby on and wake up with a subtle glowing tan. 

CHANEL LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW GEL  Loaded with SPF, hyaloronic acid and antioxidants.  Glowin' like a peach after this. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY BEACH STICK If I am after a pop of colour or want to look a little bit more put together, I can use this beach stick on my cheeks, eyes, lips, and it smells good enough to friction' eat. Paraben free too.

CHANEL LES BEIGES BLUSH NO.23 Adds a flush of colour and super easy to pack.

FACEINK BRIGHTEN UP SHEET MASK Loaded with collagen, pearl protein, hyaluronic acid, these puppies pack a dream in a bag.

NAILS INC WHITE OUT I just pack one nail varnish, Nails Inc long-lasting polish in White Out which doesn't chip nearly as fast as other brands.

RMS LIVING LUMINIZER Made with all natural-ingredients, this baby is a WONDER.  Use on eyes, cheeks, lips, body, it is dreaaaaaa-m-eyy.