Now in the full-heat of the summer, it's never a better time to embrace a fresher face and make the most of glowing skin, and strip back on products if you are prone to using a lot.

These are some of my current favourite products that work to enhance natural beauty that shines during the summer months.  Check it out below, with an accompanying Vlog!


DECLEOR HYDRA FLORAL FLUID A go to essential, I use SPF every day and it's definitely stood my skin in good stead so far!

CHARLOTTE TILBURY SUPERMODEL BODY I love this product from Charlotte Tilbury, gives tanned skin a gorgeous sheen and smells freaking delicious too.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY GODDESS SKIN FACE MASK How I love a face mask...pretty sure I would already be looking like a well worn moccasin if I didn't use face masks regularly. This is a new favourite for me - actually works wonders.

CHANEL WATERPROOF MASCARA My go to waterproof mascara from Chanel don't budge - ideal for water-dwelling creatures like me.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY IBIZA NIGHTS LIP GLOSS On the rarer occasions I might want to dress up a bit, in the summer a shade like this from Charlotte Tilbury adds a bit of colour and shimmer for summer nights.

BAREMINERALS LIP COLOUR I love this natural shade from BareMinerals, looks awesome with a tan.

CHANEL LE VERNIS CORAL NAIL POLISH Everything from the Chanel Les Beiges collection sits well with natural-beauty / makeup phobes like me, and this coral nail colour works a dream with sun kissed skin and a smile.

DECLEOR AROMA SUN EXPERT - HIGH REPAIR AFTER SUN BALM Not in the video as this was a new addition which has blown my mind.  A 100% natural balm loaded with oils, I road-tested this on a  recent surf trip and it worked wonders on sun scorched skin at the end of the day.