The mositure-zapping effects of central heating, skin-flaying bitter winter winds and Vitamin D starved pelts can mean by mid-winter, our skin is in serious need of some SOS.  City-bound dwellers especially can take a serious hit from pollution damaging their skin, and I find whenever I am in the big smoke, the accumulation of dirt and pollution really makes me break out and dulls my skin. Not rad.  Check out my run down of my all-time favourite products that I go to for a serious pre-date/meeting/pep-up SOS.


Kerastase Fusio-Dose HomeLab From the luxury of the salon to the comfort of your home, Kérastase introduces Fusio-Dose HomeLab personalised hair treatment; offering the instant hair transformation as experienced in salons in a new, take-home kit. Individually prescribed by your hairdresser following a hair diagnosis, Fusio-Dose's results can now be further prolonged until the next salon visit with 4 personalized at-home applications, a must for tamed, healthy hair.

Decleor Hydra Floral White Petal Sleeping Mask  I quite honestly have never found such a hard working product as Delcleor's Hydra Sleep Mask.  When I am on location for jobs, working long days over an extended time, although I am feeling like death warmed up some of the time, my skin says anything but once I've slathered on this miracle potion at bedtime. Doing the hard work as I sleep, only to woke up to shining, healthy, near sparkling skin.  A literal skin saver.

Mixa SOS Repair Hand Cream French skin-care experts Mixa are one of my go-tos for daily hydration, in summer and winter.  Their SOS Hand repair balm is straight up the best hand cream I have ever tried,

Dr Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream Ok, Dr Sebargh doesn't have the ‘DR” in front of his name but no reason.  I LOVE Sebagh products, they really, really work and have had a pretty extraordinary effect on my skin when I’ve been hunkered down in the city too long and my beach-side glow has been zapped. The Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream is a glow-boosting tube of magic packed with anti-oxidents that protect against nasties like free radicals from UV rays (tick), environmental pollution (double tick) and stress (WIN).  A direct hit of vitamin C to the face quickly resuscitates flagging faces.

I also am a a serious advocate of the Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask which I have relied upon in times of high stress and too much frantic city living (this beach baby can’t take much of that!!!) to even out my skin.  An exfoliator without the nasty plastic/apricot beads or granules which are number 1,  hugely damagaing to the environment, and 2, our skin, the mask gently dissolves skin cells to reveal tighter brighter skin.  Yes please.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue C Tils Magic Eye Rescue  is another trusted favourite in my SOS arsenal.   Clinically proven to reduce dark eye circles by up to 12% in 8 weeks, the replenishing peeper-lover is packed with retinol molecules that works wonders on tired looking eyes.  Trying to get Sh*t done girl-bossing about town is hard work y'all, and bags under the eyes are a side effect I don’t want to worry about. Thanks C Tils.

Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica Organic Skincare wizards Sanoflore use pesticide plants to turbo-charge their all-natural product.  Their hero-product Aqua Magnifica toner packed with 9 essential oils and peppermint restores skin and tackles any unwanted blemishes and bumbs.  A new addition to my cabinet that I LOVE.

TAN LUXE SLEEP OIL A potent blend of 5 essentjal oils including Argan, Vitamins B5, C and E, Sleep oil works as you’re hitting the hay for 40 winks, revealing glowing, fresh skin with a slight tan the next morning.  Ideal for when we’re feeling sand-paper dry and like Casper’s cousin mid January.

Kerastase Aura Botanica Packed with argan and coconut oil , this nourishing micellar shampoo gently cleanses away dirt and impurities, protecting against frizz (a constant winter battle).  

Nails INC back to Life Recovery Treatment and Base Treatment An advanced recovery treatment and active base coat in one superpowered by five rich reviving oils to deliver intense relief to damaged nails.

Bareminerals Stroke of Light Late nights or dull, dark under eye circles can be hard to budge, and if you need a helping hand, this illuminating tint blends seamlessly to conceal imperfections for a refreshed, radiant, even-toned look. 

Chanel Rouge Allure INK Matte Ciquid Colour Need to look like a girl-boss but chapped winter lips playing havoc?  Chanel's matte liquid lip colour is  packed with jojoba oil, matcha green tea, sweet almond oil, and more to hydrate lips.  This puppy packs a punch and also does not budge, leaving you one less thing to worry about.