The advent of December brings with it the sounding of the claxon of party season.  Sequins at the ready lovers. Many women, whether desk-bound, without the time to, or less inclined to spend hours beautifying like myself, look for fast-acting, long-lasting products,  reading them from the office to the dance floor in one easy swoop.

Check out my run down of my favourite products to get party-ready this season.



L’Incroyable blow dry From Kerastase Gives that Cinderella-esque finish to any do.  Adding to damp hair, and with its heat protecting thermos-protection of up to 230C,  means hair is protected, and sharper than a 6 inch stiletto it's so on point.  Paired with Laque Noire hairspray a finishing touch to any do with extra strong hold and frizz-fighting properties.

Mark Avon lipstick Fresh, gleaming skin is my favourite party look, but I love to finish with a slick of lipstick to ramp up the sassy levels. The new liquid lip laquers from MARK are the perfect mix of long-lasting, sheer and glossy that I love to feel party ready. 

Dr Sebagh’s Skin Perfecting Mask is my go-to product in my pre-party preparation.  This puppy ain’t goin' no where - it is a staple on my shelf and for good reason.  A deep cleansing mask that proects against pollution and imparting a velvety-soft touch, I always slather on whilst in the bath, and emerge like from the chrysalis, skin smooth and soft.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Body Oil A long-time favourite of mine.  My favourite scent paired with a gleaming body oil that I spray liberally over the decolltage, shoulders, back, arms (heck, its nearly head to toe) and  special spots like dabbed behind the ears, the sexiest product in my party arsenal means I am feeling femme fatale-esque and reading to hit the town. 

The Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle highlighters are a party in a palette – shimmer worthy of the Bajan princess herself, a slick of either shades on the eyelids or cheekbones imparts a sheer glow and sparkle to rival any disco ball.

Nails INC Holographic Nails are my number one for the party season - a couple of coats lasts endless parties thanks to the long-lasting properties.  Winner.

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre  Eyeshadow that doesn't budge is pretty much a needle in a haystack, the unicorn of party products.  My top choice comes from Chanel, the deeper shades always making me feel hot to trot.

Decleor Aroma Lisse 2-IN-1 DARK CIRCLE & EYE WRINKLE ERASER Has 2 effects I rate:  towards the end of the marathon party cycle that is the festive season, we often are looking decidedly less fresher than the start of the season, perhaps some 10 parties, 50 mince pies, countless glasses of bubbles and 4am finishes later. Deceleor ‘s under eye cream brightens dark circles and plumps with illuminating gold particles, reducing puffiness and the appearance of fine lines. A party life saver.

Tan Luxe Hydra Mousse I road-tested the hydra mousse out of interest recently, perplexed as to how a clear liquid could be a fake tan.  Gone are the thick-cholately, sheet-staining, biscuit scented traumas of tan past.  Tan Luxe’s miraculous formula enriched with raspberry oil which it divinely smells, like does not disappoint.  For those December days when we are feeling the wrath of perma-darkness on our pale skin, an overnight session with the hydra mousse will have you waking up, stain and cookie-scent free, looking like you’re fresh off your summer holiday.  

Chanel Les Beiges healthy Glow luminous Colour With an extra nod to a sun-kissed look, a few sweeps of Healthy Glow over the areas the sun naturally delivers its glowing kiss is the final touch for disco-babes.

Katherine Peterson at Azure Beauty Signature Facials If you're feeling lacklustre or been burning the Christmas candle at both ends (boozy nights can quickly manifest in the skin), a visit to Katherine Peterson, skincare expert and owner of the most trusted hands in the business for a signature facial will address all your skincare problems.  I love the Azure Facial Aerobics facial.

Thanks and stay tuned for next in the Feel-Good beauty series, SOS TREATMENTS...