Credit RedBull

Credit RedBull

Next up in our "WHY I" series of interviews with inspiringly awesome women, we have none other than Aimee Fuller.  Pro-snowboarder, Olympian, the first woman to land a double backflip in competition and long-time face of Roxy Snowboarding, the list of accolades goes on with twenty five year old Aimee.  I think I first met Aimee at the London Freeze festival when she was still mid-teens, and it's been amazing to see her progress and prosper through the years.  Even back then her infectious high-energy, positivity and all-round stoke and love for her sport was clear and made her stand out from the pack.  Grab yourself a hot one and settle down for the read with the truly brilliant Aimee Fuller. 

Credit Perly -Roxy

Credit Perly -Roxy

Tell me about where you're from and a little more about yourself.

Born in Keston Kent, Lived in America (Virginia) for 3.5, Northern Ireland for 9 and now I live out of my suit case! 

What sports do you love?

Anything with wheels, speed and air time!  Cycling, motocross, surfing, wakeboarding.

How did you break into snowboarding?

I picked up snowboarding riding with school friends at a small hill 1hr30 mins away from my home in Pennsylvania. I used to head up every other weekend and throw myself of any bump, rut or mogul in the slope to get airborne. In 2007 I went on a snowboard summer camp for my 16th Birthday, it was there that I got noticed by Erin Comstock who then introduced me to Roxy who are now my longest standing sponsor.

Credit Jenny Bletcher

Credit Jenny Bletcher

What do you love about snowboarding?

The freedom, the air time and the adrenaline rush when you challenge yourself to learn a new trick.

What are the greatest challenges?

Working with the conditions, sometimes it’s windy, sometimes it’s -30 and your nostril hairs freeze before you’ve even dropped in.

The challenges of progression are my motivation to keep going back for more.

My moto try something new every day, no matter how small it is, it’ll keep you stoked and coming back time and time again.

Credit Spencer O'Brian

Credit Spencer O'Brian

Does mental strength play a bit role in these sports?

Mentally you have to be on top of your game, you have to be physically ready to perform, but if your mental game isn’t on tap, your progression will stagnate. I find when I am at my happiest and surrounded by a good shred crew that’s when I enjoy my riding the most and mentally I am in a good place to push myself and shred hard.

What do you do to harness the mental strength required to overcome things like fear?

It’s like a video game in your head, if you can picture the trick, the in run, that snap on the take off, the feeling in the air and a solid landing, you play that over and over in your head, till you feel it. That’s when I know I can do the trick.

If your strong mentally in your movement, you know you can do the trick.

How do you unify physical prowess with mental strength?

When I am physically on top form, I feel strong, light and fast. I know I am ready to tackle anything that’s thrown at me on the mountain. Injuries hold you back mentally, if your'e physically ready it contributes to your mental strength, as you know you can handle the load and G forces in the air and that after bang on the landing! 

Credit Dew Tour

Credit Dew Tour

Do you believe there are any differences in the management and promotion of mens sport Vs womens? 

Yeah for sure, there is greater promotion in mens sport, however we now have some fantastic role models across the board in many sports.   In snowboarding, Jamie Anderson, Spencer O’Brien and Torah Bright, and in athletics Jessica Ennis, cycling Laura Trott. 

It’s women in the spotlight that are changing and inspiring the way that female participation is increasing.

The This Girl Can Campaign that I am involved in with Snow Sport England is also another great step for females in any sport.  I love the moto “strong, not skinny” ! 

What do you believe can be done to encourage more girls and women to take up snowboarding?

Get to your local indoor slope, The Snow Centre just outside London has freestyle nights on a Thursday and Friday.  Go with your mates, have a laugh, snowboarding is fun, it’s social, it keeps you fit and it challenges every aspect of fitness, endurance, balance, speed and explosive strength. 

What are your goals within sport for the future?

To qualify and make the finals in Big Air and Slopestyle at the Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics. Podium in X Games Big air.

What are your greatest motivations?

Progression, and challenging myself to better myself on the snow and in the gym, to be better each day than I was the last.

How do you take down-time and relax?

My idea of relaxing is waking up, smashing out a work out, a run, or some yoga and rewarding myself with a big brunch, ideally waffles or protein pancakes! Then sitting back on the beach, relaxing in the sun with my Man! 

Any last comments?

GO SHRED! Have fun. Get air born! you’ll never turn back!

Thank you Amy and good luck for this season!

Next time, we chat to the remarkable Hannah Bailey, an astonishing multi-talented force in PR, digital marketing & photography, and a precocious creative talent.  Stay tuned!





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