Sound the claxon y'all, I am so excited to announce a new sequence of interviews on the Mad To Live Blog.  In the "WHY I" series, I will be speaking to a host of awesome and inspiring women, to pick their brains on what drives them, what inspires and motivates them, what stokes them out, and what advice they can share with you and I, dear reader.

First up, we have the doyen of all that is strength, both physical and mental, a woman of precocious talent and infectious positive energy, Ms Amy Hopkinson, Digital Editor of Women's Health.  Recent winner of Best Newcomer In Wellness for the Pure Package Awards (**cue applause and champagne corks**), for many women "into" the world of wellness and fitness, Amy is synonymous with being at the forefront of knowledge and knowhow, and of brilliant journalism.  One of our all-time favourite scribes, and more importantly, one of my favourite people to hang out with, chew the fat and have a blast with, settle down for a read with this brilliant powerhouse of a woman, and prepare to get inspired.

Hi Amy! Tell me about where you're from and and how you started in your career.

I led a bit of a nomadic lifestyle growing up, until at 21 I enrolled at London College of Fashion to study marketing and promotion. Fast forward 10 years and I’m still in the city, although I’ve lived in lots of different areas.

My career started with an internship at a American media company. I was originally offered 4-weeks during fashion month but  four soon become five, five became nine and suddenly before I knew it I was freelancing as an editorial assistant. It wasn’t a bad gig, in fact, it was pretty good. At the time I worked there many people had to yet to recognise the power of online and still prioritised print. This meant, we were at the forefront of digital, learning all the tricks and skills that some people are only just learning now. It’s interesting to look back and recognise this.

How did you break into your industry?

The aforementioned internship above. Essentially, being skint, working super hard and making as many contacts as possible.

What project are you most proud of?

The launch of Women’s Health Secret sweats workout club.

It’s amazing to see women united by a healthy lifestyle and socialise through fitness.


What spurs you on to succeed and progress?

Positive change.

Have you found any obstacles in this industry?  How have you managed them?

I think there’s always obstacles everywhere you go.  Personally i manage problems with two things: yoga or vodka tonic. Both work. 

How do you believe the female voice can be better amplified within both the male-dominated media and sports industries?

Through women supporting women.

Have you had any role-models that have been critical to your career progression?

My nan and my mom. They’re strong, independent women. When I think I can’t, I think of them and I know I can.

The value and significance of social media in the media landscape goes without saying now.  Where do you view this progressing to in the future?

As technology advances and algorithms get smatter I think we’re moving into a truly personalised world based on historical interaction.

We’re also going to see the blurring of the lines of virtual reality and psychical world using headsets for example. Perhaps by next year we’ll be donning a headset to workout with a PT.

What motivates you to keep a healthy lifestyle?

The feeling of being somewhat invincible when everything inside is running smoothly. 

What do you do to harness the mental strength required to overcome things like fear?

Dig deep and focus. Deep inhalations and slow exhalations stop me from freaking out.

Assuming you work to some pretty crazy deadlines, how do you cope with stress?

Mostly through fitness. Preferably running or yoga when i’m stressed. 

What are your goals within your career for for the future?

Create a social community of one million women who invest in themselves. 

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

To never have any regrets. Oh and own a house with a garden that can house a bell tent.

What are your greatest motivations?

Love and laughter.

If you’re enjoying what you’re doing it makes every drop of effort worth it.

What do you do for fun?

Exhaust classpass. Kidding. I like travelling and absorbing new cultures.


What inspires you? (In both lifestyle and work).

Girls like you.

(Sophie --> shucks. Thanks dude!!)

How do you take down-time and relax?

In the bath infused with Jo Malone pomegranate noir preferably with a glass of cotes de provence.

Any last comments?

Somewhere between reality and fantasy is a pretty great place to live. 


Thank you Amy! 

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