Mad To Live Latin America Wrap 2

San Blas (Guna Yala) Islands ✌🏻️🌴✌🏻

San Blas (Guna Yala) Islands ✌🏻️🌴✌🏻

So guys, I've emerged on the other side after a wildly righteous couple of months on the road and off the road in Latin America. Leavin' a little piece of my heart, my favourite shades and a whole heap of new friends, I've been piecing together the travel whirlwind that's been Latin America.   Here's a run-down of what's been going down and a video high-light reel including bull-riding (a real taste of Costa Rican culture), a rosé ridden fishing and surf trip where we caught fresh tuna for a fish taco feast, and a balls-to-the-wall, high speed boat ride through the San Blas Islands in Panama to Colombia.


If you have or have yet to discover the route between Panama and Colombia, y'all will quickly find out that the Darien Gap that connects the 2 is a no-mans land brimming with narcos (drug traffickers dudes), swamps, snakes, and whispered tales of other unsalubrious bad guys hiding in the mountainous verges. There ain't no way to get through it other than flying (expensive if you're a traveller counting the pennies) or taking a (cheaper) boat through the San Blas Panamanian islands to northern Colombia.

Enter San Blas Adventures, the independent island-hopping specialists who over four days take you on a breathtaking and wild high-speed boat ride through the insanely beautiful San Blas Islands to Capurgana, Colombia.

On first look the slightly ramshackle boats didn't look much, but man, those beasts went pedal to metal and we flew across 8 foot swell through Robinson Crusoe-esque white-sand islands, screaming and stoked as we got soaked with our new-found buddies for four days. Embracing the desert-island living, hunkering down on hammocks, chowing down on fresh octopus ceviche and grilled lobster, looking up at otherworldly stars and wading into phosphorescent-lit turquoise seas, the trip was a breath-taking ride from start to finish. Under the guidance of our incredible hosts Tayeb and Kat, we were immersed into the beautiful culture of the locals of the San Blas (or Guna Yala, as they are known by the locals), the Kuna tribe.  The self-governed autonomous islands in the San Blas archipelago have an insanely awesome culture, notable for its matriarchal society and far-out customs (my favourite one was once a girl starts her period, she gets dunked into a dark ink and the men of the town get trashed on home-brewed booze, celebrating for up to a week, until the booze runs out!).  If you want an adventure when crossing Panama into Colombia, look up San Blas Adventures who from the start of the trip, tearing through the Panamnian jungle in 4x4's, take you on one wild ride to the car-less paradise of Capurgana Colombia, where you'll be toasting the crazy ride with your new friends on the final night's dinner.

I'll be penning an in-depth piece on this segment of the trip for The Free Life Magazine, so stay tuned for more on the richness and radness of the Kuna folk and the  San Blas Islands, and keep cruising down for the video wrap!

Making friends with the inky locals

Making friends with the inky locals

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Locations: Costa Rica // San Blas Panama // Capurgana Colombia

With thanks to GoPro, Roxy, RVCA, San Blas Adventures and Surf Bikini Retreat