Munchies On The Move


Since landing across the pond Latin-side I have been elbows deep gorging on a medley of quite frankly stupidly delicious meals and treats, getting my munch on and more than once (ahem) drownin' in the zestiest, saltiest, god damn zangiest Margaritas around.

How, I hear you cry, on a modest travellers budget, does one achieve this, and 2, how does one stay eating healthy and as clean as feasibly possibly when surrounded by churros, tacos, tamales and chicheronnes (the musically rad Spanish word for pork crackling. Droooooool!) ?Well, whilst I have been navigating the insanely yummy cuisines of Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama (so far), I've been recording a munch-fest of juice guzzling, street-food frying, fiesta food-fare and more deliciousness than you can shake a stick at, and on a budget to boot. So keep cruising below for the full recap and video edit!


The Colombians sure know how to grill a stick of meat. I was spoilt for choice with tasty hotspots, and under the guidance of some new traveller friends (thanks Fatty & Mikayla😀) cast aside fears of food poisoning and dove into the seriously good street food on offer.  Plate-fulls of grilled chicken smothered in herby chimichurri sauce with fresh Mayo-less coleslaw, salad, grilled plantains and roasted potatoes coming in at no more than £1.50, one can eat like a king on the streets of Colombia. Be smart and avoid clearly dirty looking stands and steer clear of fried foods to avoid potential dicky stomachs.


For the traveller on the move eating out can rack up the pennies. Cooking for your new-found friends is not only fun but a good way to get a healthy, inexpensive meal in that won't blow the budget (split between friends £2 or less) or the waistband if you've been having one too many tacos!  Some of my favourite meals include protein packed Turkish baked eggs, veggie rich frittatas, spinach and bean tuna nicoise, grilled fish with garlic and herbs, and wholeweat pasta with juicy tomatoes, olives, capers and spinach.  Recipe post to follow y'all, stay tuned!


You're spoilt for choice eating out in Central and South America.  The health food trend has really established itself here so if you're hankering after a pressed juice, acai bowl, quinoa and superfood salad and gluten free goodies you won't have to look far. La Casa in Nosara, Costa Rica, offers wholesome plates of typical fare including heaped plates of avocado and black beans, plantains and shredded vegetable salads, with home baked goods including vegan banana bread, savoury cheese and veggie scones & gluten free coconut macaroons, all baked in-house by chef Dilara. You don't have to break the bank to nab some fresh tuna carpaccio (Basilico Nosara is insane), and cerviche is practically in the continent's DNA. Fresh Octopus cerviche as scarfed in the San Blas islands in Panama with San Blas Adventures is one to remember, opt for fresh fish and lean pulses like black beans (another staple). 

Cruise the video recap below for a munch-fest and stay tuned for my easy recipes on the go and parts 2-4 of Munchies On The Move!